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OMNI Claim LTD with Trusted Company UK Certification logo

Omni Claim LTD

OMNI CLAIM LTD, a London-based finance company, has confirmed its reliability with Trusted Company (UK) certificate. Obtaining a trust mark is particularly important for the company which helps bank victims.

Omni Claim LTD has been operating in the UK market for over a dozen years, and during this time the company has helped tens of thousands of bank victims to recover illegally charged fees. Omni Claim LTD has also won compensations for this widespread and unfair practice.

“Our mission is to help those who have been cheated by banking institutions in the UK. – We applied for the Trusted Company (UK) certification without any hesitation, because people who have decided to fight for their money should be reassured, that the company which engages in recovering the fees in their name is a legitimate and reliable institution” – says Paul Growes, Omni Claim ltd Marketing Specialist.

Omni Claim LTD is at the forefront of companies fighting for bank customers’ rights. It is an institution subject to the Claims Management Regulator’s control in the field of regulated claims management. From now on, the company has also Trusted Company (UK) certificate to its credit.

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