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Trusted Company UK is a world-renowned certification programme promoting company reliability. The programme is open to all UK-based companies intending to demonstrate that trustworthiness and integrity are key values underlying all their activities.

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Michael Stevenson
Business Relationship Manager

The TRUSTED COMPANY UK project is intended for British consumers and contractors. Customers can rest assured that a certified company fully observes and respects consumers’ rights. Contractors can be certain that their certified partner is reliable.

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In order to be awarded the Trusted Company UK Certificate, your company must undergo verification. Verification requires completing an online registration form and meeting the following requirements:


The company cannot have any court judgements regarding any outstanding claims or liabilities

Court Judgements

The company cannot be subject to any bankruptcy court order


The company cannot be listed in any national bankruptcy or insolvency register

Consumer Rights

The company agrees to observe and respect consumers’ rights and complaint procedures

Benefits of obtaining a certificate

The TRUSTED COMPANY UK Certificate proves your reliability to current and potential customers and contractors. You build a positive image of a trustworthy company.

Company Promotion

Get the quality certificate to promote your company. Show that you are highly trustworthy.

Quality Certificate

Upon positive verification, you can join the programme and receive a quality certificate with a unique number.

Discounts and Other Benefits

Get discounts and special offers from programme partners and participants. Subscribe to our regular newsletter to keep up to date.
Verification and consideration of the application
Verification takes up to 7 working days. The decision to accept a company onto the programme is made up to 7 days after the verification process.

APPLY for a Quality Certificate
Trusted Company UK

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