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When incorporating a company, first ensure trustworthy personnel

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When opening or expanding a business, you need to employ people. The right people. Do not ever economise on your employees. In building your professional team you’ll be assured of achieving so much more when you refuse to settle for less.

You need to trust your people. You can’t be present in the office or available on the phone all the time, so do not spare on your human resources, as they are your most important asset. And nearly 35% companies worldwide find it difficult to secure competent personnel.

So, how do you find trustworthy employees who can be vested with a variety of challenging tasks and stay within their capabilities? “When employing new specialists, I always consider how a particular person can contribute to the development of my company. Whether he or she is flexible enough, ambitious, ready to face new challenges” – says Agnieszka Moryc, Admiral Tax Managing Director and expert in tax optimization in the UK.