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London-based start up certified by Trusted Company UK


G1ANT – a London-based start-up with Polish roots, developing its own solutions in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), has been expanding rapidly since 2016, receiving only good opinions in the global automation market. In May, after passing a verification process, the company joined the “trusted companies” in the UK.

G1ANT is the first start-up which has entered the group of firms certified by Trusted Company (UK). And although the company was founded only a year ago, it can already boast of many accomplishments and the cooperation with the world’s largest giants.

“Obtaining a Trusted Company (UK) certificate is of great importance for further development of our company. Meanwhile, the application process took us only a few minutes. The same is true with robotics we deal with every day – for an individual human being it’s only one “click”, and for the company it’s a great leap forward – says Milena Sakowicz, G1ANT Marketing Manager.

HR, Retail, Accounting, Legal and Financial Services predominantly Banking and Insurance. By introducing automation and the elements of the artificial intelligence in the organisation, G1ANT helps to streamline the workflow and to increase the efficiency. But above all G1ANT directs employees’ attention to activities that are creative and that require interpersonal interaction.

A comprehensive customer service and tailor-made solutions are the hallmark of the company.

More about G1ANT: