Trusted Company (UK) certification process support also in Russian

From the beginning of August Trusted Company (UK) partners can also make use of the customer service in Russian. Alongside English and Polish this is the third official language of the whole program. The site has also been translated into Russian.

Due to numerous inquiries, the Trusted Company (UK) is now introducing Russian into its communication, thus meeting the needs of the Russian-speaking business community thriving in the UK.

“We have recently seen a significant increase in the requests for certification, coming from the companies registered in the United Kingdom and managed by the Russian-speaking managers. That is where the idea came from” – says Michael Stevenson, Business Relationship Manager at Trusted Company (UK).

According to the company’s internal data, the number of Russian entrepreneurs interested in participating in the Trusted Company (UK) programme increased by more than 20% comparing to the first half of this year.

“It was obvious for us to open up to partners coming from Ukraine, Russia or other Eastern European countries. We made earlier the same gesture for our Polish-speaking partners and by doing so we really hit the bull’s-eye” – adds Stevenson.

The continued development of the Trusted Company (UK) makes it possible to expect that the customer service will soon be available in other languages used by managers running their companies in the UK.