What is a Trusted Company UK

Trusted Company UK is a world-renowned certification programme promoting company reliability. The programme is open to all UK-based companies intending to demonstrate that trustworthiness and integrity are key values underlying all their activities.

The certificate is issued electronically, regularly updated and available online. It helps you build a positive image of a reliable and debt-free company. It proves your integrity and trustworthiness to all potential customers and contractors.

“The TRUSTED COMPANY UK project is intended for British consumers and contractors. Customers can rest assured that a certified company fully observes and respects consumers’ rights. Contractors can be certain that their certified partner is reliable."
Michael StevensonBusiness Relationship Manager


The prestigious Trusted Company UK Certificate attests to the high quality of products, services and operations. Certificate Benefits:


Demonstrate trustworthiness and reliability to your customers and business partners


Build a positive company image


Demonstrate the reliability and integrity of your company


Strengthen your company’s market position and gain a competitive advantage

Our Clients

Find out what Trusted Company UK Certificate holders think about us

We have applied for Trusted Company (UK) Certificate to offer our clients a plus of confidence. There are many questionable companies on the market, we want to demonstrate our company reliability and integrity.
Gina IonescuLogistics Department
Being a leader is setting trends, not following them
Mauricz Training CenterMauricz LTD
We are more than happy to join the certification program of Trusted Company UK and accept it as a leading statement about the services provided by us thus far and in a hopefully long and prosperous future ahead
Adam MachnicaMarketing Manager
Our best asset in the IT market is the ability to adjust to the changes that are happening in the industry, which is why we were one of the first IT companies to join the prestigious circle of Trusted Companies in the UK.
Bill TurnerMarketing Manager
The Trusted Company (UK) certificate is one of the highlights of our company’s corporate image strategy. Our participation in the programme attests to our credibility and solidity.
Agnes CurtisMarketing Manager

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