101 Rose Street South Lane, Edinburgh, EH2 3JG
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101 Rose Street South Lane, Edinburgh, EH2 3JG
certification[at]trusted-company.co.uk Contact with Us!
0 20 8190 0409 Monday-Friday, 8AM - 4PM
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Find out more about Trusted Company activities and certified companies.

Trusted Company (UK) certification process support also in Russian

From the beginning of August Trusted Company (UK) partners can also make use of the customer service in Russian.

Not all financial institutions should be trusted, but Omni Finances should!

What bank clients complain most often about are well-hidden charges, small print on their forms, thousands of incomprehensible words on the documents they are given to sign…

When incorporating a company, first ensure trustworthy personnel

When opening or expanding a business, you need to employ people. The right people. Do not ever economise on your employees. In building your professional team you’ll be assured of achieving so much more when you refuse to settle for less.

4 major steps that can help you succeed in business – part I

It is hard to do business successfully in times of fierce competition in almost any industry with an abundance of development ideas, yet… If you are determined enough, if you know exactly what you want to achieve, and

London-based start up certified by Trusted Company UK

G1ANT  – a London-based start-up with Polish roots, developing its own solutions in the field of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), has been expanding rapidly since 2016, receiving only good opinions in the global automation market.

OMNI Finances LTD with Trusted Company UK Certification logo

OMNI FINANCES LTD, a London-based finance company, has confirmed its reliability with Trusted Company (UK) certificate. Obtaining a trust mark is particularly important for the company which helps bank victims.

Trusted Company UK patronage: Polish Choice 2017 is now settled!

On April 7, after carefully counting the votes, we selected the winners of this year’s Polish Choice contest edition. We also announced the winner of the category “Company You Can Trust”, which was under the patronage of the Trusted Company (UK).

Trusted Company UK certificate granted to Hair-Life Professional

After passing a verification process, we are more than happy to welcome to our programme a Hair-Life Professional firm, founded by Karolina Grzelewska. This increases the number of companies certified by Trusted Company (UK).

Dowson Holdings awarded the Trusted Company UK certificate

Dowson Holdings Ltd is another financial company, operating in the UK market, among others, which was awarded the TRUSTED COMPANY UK certificate following a positive verification. In doing so, it joined the ranks of those most trusted companies in the UK.


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